Thursday, September 23, 2010

World's Most Impressive Really Old Guy

My sister directed me to this video of an interview with Walter Breuning, the world's oldest living man (there are three women still living born earlier in 1896), who just turned 114 this past Tuesday, September 21. In the interview he answers questions sent in from all over the world about what it has been like to live in three different centuries. This guy is amazing! It's really worth watching the whole thing:

My sister sent this to me because Mr. Breuning reminded her of our Grandpa Jim; I can definitely hear and see the resemblance. As I was watching the video, I realized how remarkable this was: When Grandpa Jim passed away, just shy of his 86th birthday, he was nearly THIRTY YEARS younger than this gentleman is. This 114-year-old gentleman who looks and sounds like Grandpa did in his early eighties. HOLY CRAP. Does that blow your mind or what?

So, happy belated birthday, Walter Breuning. You are a marvel!