Monday, September 14, 2009

do i dare?

Brach's has taken to touting its candy corn as being MADE WITH REAL HONEY in recent seasons. One day in the not-too-distant past I thought to myself, hey, I have a good source of real honey, maybe I should try and make my own candy corn! I googled the recipe, and, to my great surprise, located approximately zero recipes that involve real honey. Doh.

[It should be noted that I have a severe addiction to candy corn. Jon says he read a study recently that said that when you work to make something you often eat less of it, though, so maybe that's in my favor here.]

So, I don't really have the I'm-overrun-with-honey excuse anymore, but I'm still sort of intrigued. On the one hand, how cool would I be if I made homemade candy corn? On the other, how crazy do I have to be to want to do that? At any rate, it's on the table. My kitchen and fiance will be spared the experiment for the time being as I've got out-of-town weddings to attend both of the next weekends, but there's still plenty of time until candy corn season runs out. What say you?