Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun with heavy machinery!

So, as I posted before I have enrolled myself in a letterpress class so as to be able to print my own excellent wedding invitations (and much, much more) for a reasonable price. Turns out it's not that difficult! I am by no means a master, but the fact is that it's a pretty simple process, and the name, broken down into its parts -- letter, press -- sorta says it all.

Now halfway through the class, I'm happy to say that I have picked up steam and am operating much more quickly with the presses and even with hunting for type. Assignment no. 2 was to create an announcement of sorts. Since I'm moving apartments this weekend, I decided to print some postcards to mail out with my new address on them. The added challenge of this assignment was to use two colors, which means you're running each piece of paper through the press twice. Here's the finished product:

Am I a badass or what? This is awesome.

[p.s. there is actually a street name printed, but in case I have any stalkers out there I didn't want to post it... stay away, stalkers!]


Victory Bird said...

Not to be a stalker, but I also live in that zip code! Welcome!

Also, where are you taking the letterpress class? Would you recommend it?? Sounds awesome.

Kathleen said...

I'm taking the class at the Atlanta Printmakers Studio... it cost about $240, but you don't really need to bring any supplies. I would definitely recommend it! It's a ton of fun.

And actually, I've been in 30306 for a year... I'm just moving about 2 block from where I live now. What can I say, I like the neighborhood :)

(in other news, I also have a wedding blog now that you can find via my profile if you want... check it out. not too much crossover!)