Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let me bring you up to speed...

It's been a little more than three weeks since Jon and I got engaged, and we've already got the makings of an excellent wedding in place. We have reserved the church, its stellar organist, and one of its pastors (no. 3) to be half of our officiant tag-team. We also picked a reception venue that we both think suits us really well -- sorta artsy and laid-back, but can dress up real nice -- on only our second site-scouting trip. (Total bonus: the rental includes the use of two big leather couches and four comfy leather chairs in the lobby of the main reception space. Score!)

Once we got the big location issues nailed down, we moved on to the vendors. (This struck me as something of an odd word to use at first, but I can't think of a better general term for it, so vendors it is.) Ever since I first came across Our Labor of Love's blog (courtesy of Richard Blais/Gawker) and discovered, to my great joy, that they were based in Atlanta, I knew I wanted them to photograph my eventual wedding, whenever it might be. Something about their photos sucked me in. I probably spent an entire workday, or maybe two, looking through back posts on their blog. Once I met Jesse and Whitney in person, first at the NotWedding and again in a two-on-two meeting with Jon at Dynamic Dish, it was done. (Jesse greeted me with a hug upon second meeting -- this went over well with me, being a hugger myself.) We both felt immediately comfortable with Jesse and Whitney, and to have them shoot our wedding is a(n admittedly short-lived) dream come true. If you enjoy pictures of people, you will lose yourself in their blog for hours.

So, anyway, things are starting to come together. Next on the list? Catering and reception entertainment! I've got some connections that will get me awesome ceremony music for a steal, but the party music worries me a bit more... shall see how that shakes out.

Oh, and did I mention when this all goes down? May 22, 2010. Ink it.

(photos from Our Labor of Love)