Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bake for Change!

There may be a deeper chronicling of my latest culinary adventure posted here soon, but in the meantime, bask in my newfound fame as a featured baker/decorator of cakes on Yes We Cake.

Inspiration struck early Sunday morning as I prepared to sing at church - blue velvet cake for my election party!
And since Georgia is rumored to be purpling, I decided I'd make it a Blue State Blue Velvet Cake. (Thanks to Matt and Tedd Lee for the scrumptious recipe.) Time will tell if my sugary soothsaying is accurate...

(more pics of the baking process can be viewed here)

UPDATE: As it has in five of the last six elections, Georgia went red -- 52.4 percent for McCain to 46.9 percent for Obama. (Non-spoiler Bob Barr won a whopping .7 percent of the vote.) My vision of a blue Georgia was only realized in icing this year. I see no need for further analysis of the cake prep process -- only viewing and admiring of its velvety blue interior!

We decided Southwest Georgia would be the first to go.
(I mean, Columbus? Albany? Cairo? All that Alabama border? Yeah.)

Blue has never looked more delicious.


Brock said...

Mmmm, I want some. Nice work.

Julia said...

AHA! You're the Kathleen of Yes We Cake fame!! Sus told me all about this -- I commend you for your good work.

Thanks, btw, for checking out my blog and helping me discover yours. I'll be following!!