Saturday, August 23, 2008

Canny advertising...

Who knew valet tags could be so useful?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


In case you didn't know it, my dad is a farmer. Lawyer by business hours, farmer by every other time of day. In the heat of the summer, he'll get up and tend to his tomatoes before breakfast. If there's a late freeze in spring, he gets out the tarps and space heaters to protect his peach crop. All the pains taken throughout the year ensure that we eat fresh from the garden -- even those of us no longer living under his roof -- as often as we can. Farm-to-table? Psshaw. It's all right in mom and dad's backyard...

Farmer Jim is SO ahead of the game.

Farmer Jim's famously fresh tomatoes,
in all manner of exciting shapes and colors

Homegrown apples make me happy. DELICIOUS.
Also, not the size of my head.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Glenwood: Scharko Farms summer farm dinner

On August 4, the Glenwood in East Atlanta Village hosted the first in its series of summer farm dinners, this one featuring produce from Fairburn's Scharko Farms. It was my turn to treat my mom and sister in our rotating ladies' night excursions, so I was more than happy to be checking out a fixed-price menu. Little did I know the Abernathy Lush in all of us would quickly negate that benefit.

With a set menu, you basically just sit down and they trot out the food for you. Our lovely waitress, whose name I don't recall, did an excellent job of describing each course and helping us select drink pairings. Without further ado, here is the menu:

Heirloom tomato water with cucumber and basil ice sorbet

Quail rillettes with field pea pistou

Salmon on polenta, rattlesnake beans, crispy pork belly

Venison loin with sweet corn pudding and arugula salad

Raspberry napoleon with lemon verbena cream

I mean... It was all delicious, even the one that seemed dubious to me (hint: it involved cucumber sorbet). I was underwhelmed by dessert, to be honest, but courses 2-4 were pretty unbelievable. I don't believe I'd ever had quail before (pictured above), but I could eat that dish every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.

I'm not sure when the next of these dinners is, but the friendly folks at the Glenwood did tell us that they will be having a launch party for the local food guide in September - that will probably be something I'll check out. And then there's always the regular menu at the Glenwood that needs to be sampled...

The Poe ladies give the Glenwood farm dinner three thumbs up!