Monday, May 19, 2008

Guest-blogging gig

Before I left for Berlin, I pitched the AJC on a from-the-road Berlin blog. At first it seemed like it might not work out, but with persistence and patience I was able to get it pushed through the night before our performances began. I will probably blog more here about the trip, but I wanted to link to my AJC debut in case you don't have occasion to visit Here they be!

1) Willkommen in Berlin!

2) One down, two to go

3) Alle gute Dinge sind drei

(All photos taken by yours truly. Except for that one I was in. I think Anne Marie's boyfriend David took that one...)


Brock said...

Well done, Kathleen!

I'm especially jealous since the only German restaurant in Charlottesville (which was da bomb!) recently closed down.

Anonymous said...
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