Monday, April 23, 2007

Sticking up for Atlanta arts coverage

Publisher's Weekly reports that the currently-restructuring Atlanta Journal-Constitution has cut its books editor (see story copied below). In the most recent poll, Atlanta was ranked #15 on the list of the country's most literate cities - what kind of message is the paper sending with this decision? If you are at all distressed by the prospect of replacing a local critical voice in the Atlanta paper with wire-service copy, please take a moment to sign the online petition here.

Atlanta Journal Constitution Cuts Book Review Editor Job

By Lynn Andriani -- Publishers Weekly, 4/18/2007 2:34:00 PM

Following a major restructuring of its newsroom, the Atlanta Journal Constitution has eliminated the books editor position formerly held by Teresa Weaver. However, Mary Dugenske, the paper’s director of communications, said, "We will continue to publish our arts and book section every Sunday." Dugenske said Weaver has been offered to apply for another job within the organization.

The newspaper announced impending staff changes in February, citing its desire to better support its online presence. Dugenske said that since that restructuring, more than half of the jobs in the paper's newsroom have changed. "Its not just a books thing," she said. "It’s affecting all of our editors."

The newspaper’s editor, Julia Wallace, said, "We’re not changing our books coverage" but that Weaver, "along with half the staff, is reapplying for a job."

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Kofi Martin said...

Hey! I enjoy your blog. I'm also interested in Arts Journalism. I'm currently a clarinet performance major at the University of Memphis. I'll graduate in the Spring of 2008 with honors. I would like to continue playing clarinet, but the idea of orchestral auditions right out of college scare me.

I enjoy writing. I've a few stints in writing for the local symphony but it has never really manifested in printed pieces in major publications. The masters students there at Goldring seem to have written a plethora of material.

What could I do now as an entering senior at the University of Memphis to ensure that I could be a decent candidate for the program. Should I reconsider at this point?

Interested, but in need of direction,

Kofi Martin