Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Peace up, A-town down

It's been nearly a month since I returned from my spring break adventures abroad, so by last weekend it was about time to get out of town again - and clearly to some place warm. Where better to go than HOTlanta? (what what!) Jon graciously agreed to come with me and endured me dragging him around my old stomping grounds for a few days with a smile on his face (of course, the Atlanta Symphony and Braves tickets I threw in sort of sweetened the deal).

I've gotta say our timing was brilliant; we left town just before a mean ol' Nor'easter blew in, walloping Syracuse with about 8 inches of snow. Georgia's April weather wasn't entirely peachy all weekend (see pictures from the blustery Braves game on an overcast, 45-degree Sunday afternoon), but Thursday, Friday and Monday's restorative sunshine worked wonders while it lasted.

In summary, here are a few ATL sights for your enjoyment:

Peachtree Street, 6:48 p.m. Thursday. The interior is logoed to match.
Dude's rearview was shaking from the bass. Pretty awesome.

Looking from balcony no. 2 of Dad's new office digs at the Cobb Energy Centre,
the new venue for Atlanta Opera performances, scheduled to open this fall.

Looking at the downtown skyline from balcony no. 1 -
it's a little hazy, but it was a gorgeous day.

Braves game, Sunday afternoon. Um, it was 45 degrees. And WINDY.
But the AMAZING seats kinda made up for it. Yeah.

Reformed Yankees (Midwesterners, actually) enjoying the Braves game
despite the rather frigid conditions. Erin (Wisc.) is a senior at SU and a
fellow former Post-Standard intern whose folks moved to Atlanta in the fall;
John (Mich.) is nowin his second year of Emory Law - he said "y'all" once
in the course of conversation and it just warmed my little heart.


Jon, ever the good sport, bundled up in sundry retired Poe-family
outerwear, and me in my awesome, on-sale old school Braves hat.


Manashi Mukherjee said...

OMG. I want that LV-pimped out car! And I'm so jealous that Erin got to go to the Braves game. Hmph.

Onto a more grown-up subject, I don't see any mention of a Tool Niche anywhere on your blog! Or HL Hufflepuff or whatever the other thing from the Lincoln Tunnel was that we laughed about the whole way home.

abby j said...

looks like it was a popular day at the ol' Turner Field... not...

I want to see mooooooooore! Msbb.

Carl Yost said...

What a sweet car. Low. Ri. Der. In other news, I'd almost make the humid pilgrimmage down to ATL just to check out your new opera house. Looks downright aria-tastic!