Saturday, December 30, 2006

A classic ATL snippet

El Azteca (aka Jose's) on Peachtree, with Mary Jacob, Jo and the family Buckley (minus Kara and Jenna, the bread of Buckley-sister sandwich). Post-dinner discussion turns to Saddam; Krista wonders when exactly he is scheduled for execution. Once the topic of capitol punishment has been exhausted, Mary Jacob continues the line of conversation with famous dead people:

"Did you know that former president Harrison Ford died?"

[beat. mild befuddlement.]

I suggest, perhaps she meant Gerald? (though the whole table nodded in acknowledgement of the fact we knew to be true.)

Hilarity ensues, and MJ comments, amid the laughter, "Somebody must have spiked my Diet Coke!"

(photo c/o Wikipedia)

[A little context so those non-Atlantans don't think MJ is totally vacant (or, if she is, she's not alone): when our friends went to see Star Wars re-released into theaters in Jr. High - was that 1997? - MJ and I were not so well-versed in Star Wars lore. I turned to my neighbor at one point and asked, "Are they going to the real planet now, or the big metal one?"; Mary Jacob famously inquired, "Has Luke joined the Force yet?" We are awesome.]

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abby j said...

aww, classic. i love it.

also, guess i should start crediting my photos, huh? hrm.