Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wanna be a movie critic? Well TOO BAD.

Romenesko linked to a blog posting from the Orlando Sentinel's Roger Moore about professional movie reviewers. In so many words, he tells all those young would-be critics to give up now because they'll never be able to find a job, or, if they do, it won't last long.

It makes for interesting reading, especially in light of the fact that the Syracuse Post-Standard, where I'm currently an intern, just last week announced it could no longer sustain such a large newsroom staff and would be offering buyout options. Inevitably, this will have an adverse effect on arts coverage, in a town where there's already too little.

There are some other nuggets of wisdom in here as well - check it out here or copy and paste the link below:

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Dante A. Ciampaglia said...

Wow. That guy couldn't come off sounding worse. I mean, "Don't get into movie reviewing because they're getting fired?" He might as well be saying, "Don't get into movie reviewing because you're going to take my job since I have no clue what I'm talking about." What a joke.