Sunday, November 26, 2006

too much of a good thing

Last Wednesday, my friends and I went to see "For Your Consideration," the latest from Christopher Guest and his cohort. Though I didn’t know too much about the premise going in, I consider myself reasonably well-versed in all other things Guest, and so was expecting something to measure up to that lofty standard. What I did know of the film seemed promising – I mean, how could you go wrong with this troupe handling a movie within a movie called “Home for Purim"?

Well, somehow they managed to. They didn’t actually go wrong, per se; they just didn’t go right. The movie never really got off the ground. Instead of gaining momentum over the rougly 90 minutes, the plot merely sat, inert. Though there were a few good laughs (albeit far fewer and none so hearty as those in other films) and one or two hilarious characters, the film, as a whole felt underdeveloped.

Catherine O’Hara, as the actress Marilyn Hack was, in a word, TERRIFYING. I mean, truly. The central plot point in the movie is that someone, somewhere on the internet has mentioned her name and “oscar-worthy" in the same sentence (not a strong jumping off point in the first place, given the impression everyone watching must get that “Home for Purim” is a total piece of schlock). Months after filming has wrapped, Hack awaits the announcements of oscar noms. In the interim, she has undergone a facelift so unforunate it can only be described as grotesque. It was hard to look at. Extremely difficult.

Jane Lynch, as the host of a fictional Entertainment Tonight-inspired show, gives the movie its finest moments, and Parkey Posey, as usual, is in fine form. But in general, this half-hearted attempt at Hollywood satire fails to get off the ground. Maybe next time - if there is a next time - we'll see a return to form from Guest & co.


Carl said...

Hmm ... Until I read your review, I was actually thinking of going to see that tonight. Maybe not.

twingomatic said...

She got botox, not a face lift. You can tell because she can't do anything but smile for the second half of the movie, even when she's sad and/or drunk. Facelift people can still make expressions. I thought her cleavage was way scarier anyways. Ew.