Thursday, October 19, 2006

procrastinatory ramblings

Look, Ma! I just made up a word!

I'm supposed to be writing a paper analyzing my transcription of U2's "With or without you," but I cannot for the life of me FOCUS. And it's due in like 8 hours. Fortunately, it's about halfway I think I might be better served to hop in bed now and get up early to finish, which sadly will entail forgoing the a.m. gym trip. Maybe I'll manage to squeeze that in after class is done and before I hop the Greyhound bus to NEW YORK CITY! (Or maybe not, but it's a noble aspiration nonetheless.)

Anyway, point of this post is to tell y'all of my upcoming trip to the city, after which I will surely have some interesting anecdotes and many pictures of the day - speaking of which, If I'd had my digital camera with me I would have had an amaaaazing one for tonight, of the "courthouse" in East Bejesus where the assistant D.A. wasted hours of time I could have spent writing the paper I'm now avoiding by failing to show up on time to his own party. Hellooo? 3rd Wednesday of the month is always D.A. night at the Tyre Town Court, doy! Anyway, it was hilariously tiny, and I wish I could have shared it with all of you. Ah well.

Point of this pointless post is to say, stay tuned for NYC hijinks with the Georgia crew and some of my favorite roomies ever! I'm gonna shake off the dust of this small town...

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