Tuesday, October 31, 2006

NYC (cont.)

'Bout time to wrap this one up, no? I'll try to do this expeditiously.

So after Kelly and I had our romantic dinner, we met up with Winny, post-show, and Kara and Shane (Kelly's boyfriend), post-work. We went in search of drinks and some dinner for Kara, and eventually took shelter from the coooold in a lovely cafe, the name of which escapes me right now. But it was lovely, at least in terms of selection and tastiness. But the service SUCKED.

Anyway, round about 11:30, the rest of the gang arrived in town: Susannah and Brock had driven up from DC/Charlottesville together after work, so they dropped stuff off at WInny's place adn came and found us, at which point we wandered to a pub down the street for a nightcap and visiting. I was damn near dead at this point (hence I ordered a pot o' peppermint tea), but it was excellent fun, all the same. How could it not be?

The next day, Kara and Sus and I went to Blondie's, a sports bar on the upper west side, to watch the NU homecoming football game with the NU Club of greater NY. They had purple t-shirts for sale that said "NU York" on the front and the Blondie's logo on the back, which, for the bargain price of $5, I just couldn't pass up. The game itself was uneventful (unless you count dominating most of the game and then blowing a 35-point lead as eventful...sadly seems par for the course in NU football), but I DID win a free pitcher of beer! I was on fire with the winning of free stuff that weekend. Sus left to go wander at some point, but Kelly, Shane, and Kara's roommate John (also NU '05) joined over the course of the game, and I ran into Katherine Kilgore, my former classmate (Music '06), so it was a good time, minus the pathetic football.

En route back to Kara's, we stopped at Dean & Deluca, where I purchased a container of mini black & white cookies and $.18 worth of candy corn, and at this great wine store where everything is $15 or less. They were having a tasting and giving out free cookies fresh from the convection oven, so it was pretty sweet.

So then I found a dinner place, this thin-crust pizza joint called...Piazo? I think that's it. Very tasty, very speedy, good meeting point for the whole crew before we went to Winny's show on E. 26th.

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