Friday, September 29, 2006

Since a picture is worth a thousand words (not including captions)

My Day at the Great New York State Fair
August 30, 2006

Um, that eclair is the size of a small child. Let's hear it for carnie food!

Entries in the gladiolus show. (They also had competitions for table settings. I shit you not.)

Sand sculpture...

What's better than sand sculpture?

The glorious Rainbow Milk Bar! The milk comes fresh from the cows every day and is processed in those big tanks - As you can see, it's only 25 cents for a cup of delicious and refreshing milk! (Needless to say, this was a highlight.)

This one's for all the fans out there...
I heart (chocolate) milk!

Ok, I gotta speed this up, this is taking forever...


Freaky Chickens!

Joan Jett!

Perhaps the grossest thing ever. (Yes, I paid a dollar to see this.)

Dr. Vegetable's Fresh Fried Veggies.
Fried sauerkraut? Come on.

Old dude doing a smithing demonstration!



llast, but certainly not lleast...

The (second) Best Llama Ever!

Gotta love the state fair.


abby j said...

llama! i llove it!

also, the iowa state fair always features a butter cow and butter something else. this year, it was a butter brandon routh, aka the new superman, aka iowa's new favorite son (ashton is so 2005).

also, thank you for the i <3 milk picture.

Manashi Mukherjee said...

A butter sculpture?! That's freaking AWESOME. Nice pics.