Friday, September 29, 2006

The Mix

As you may or may not know, the Goldring AJ program publishes a supplement to the Syracuse Post-Standard (the daily paper) every fall in which each student writes an article on some aspect of local culture. We worked on this all through boot camp, and I was one of a board of editors who put in work over the break and down to the wire of publication to make sure everything came out all pretty-like :)

So here's what I had to say about Syracuse this summer...I hope y'all enjoy it!

(click on it and it should get to a readable size)


Carl Yost said...

Speaking of "The Mix," I thought you might appreciate my mom's response to it after I sent her a copy. After asking where "the other Souterner" was from, and guessing that you hailed from significantly further below the Mason-Dixon than VA (presumably unaware that Manashi makes for a second ATL'er), she said of Bob's photo:

"BTW, the guy in the Civil War
uniform is wearing the wrong color. :-)"

Those damned Northern aggressors!

abby j said...

"First venture?" If you say so, Jayson Blair, if you say so. :P

I do like the well-placed Cheerwine in the photo, though.

Kathleen said...

Please reread that its entirety, the part to which you are referring reads,"...first venture into BONA FIDE yankee territory..."

Surely you can agree that the Midwesterner is a different breed altogether than the Native Northeastern Yankee. I mean, you've been in Chicago for quite some time...