Thursday, September 21, 2006

Let me bring you up to speed

Glory be!

Yes, dear readers, my computer has at long last returned to me (very little thanks to Apple, aka the Dark Lord) and I to you! There's been so much I've wanted to blog about in the last three computerless weeks, but I'll try to keep the retrospective as brief as possible so we can all move on with our lives.

In short...

1. Campus Fashion
The number of legging-clad undergraduates I encounter on my Tu-Th strolls across the quad is both astonishing and alarming...I can sort of understand the inclination to go all Flashdance and wear these things with a big sweater, or even wear them under a skirt or something - I'll even admit that I have been tempted to try some on - but my mind is boggled by the amount of girls tromping unabashedly about campus in spandex with nothing to cover their butts. Drop by any college campus and I'm sure you'll see what I mean. YIKES.

2. I-90 Westbound
Not unlike it's fairer half to the east, only minus the good Massachusetts part. Pretty flat and dull, with flat, dull rest stops that don't sell the NY Times (hello, you're in the same STATE). Again, upon leaving NY, things improved - most notably, no tolls on this side! - but I wasn't on Pennsylvania's I-90 for very long. As it happens, I-79 from Erie to Pittsburgh and beyond was remarkably pleasant with lovely, verdant scenery. Not only did I see deer grazing at the edge of the woods, a safe distance from the highway, but I also saw a horse and buggy drive across an interstate overpass. Amazing!

I was very nearly tempted to challenge the Pennsylvania Welcome Center's assertion, splashed across its walls, that "You can't make a wrong turn in Pennsylvania," but I was already running late on account of the Waterloo outlets...Another day.

3. Pittsburgh
Not at all what I expected! Granted, I went in with little to no expectation of what the city would be like...but I was pleasantly surprised.

4. Pittsburgh Salad
Every bit as delicious as I remembered - and even better washed craft-brewed beer at the Penn Brewery. Basically, this consists of a salad topped with a grilleddown with award-winning meat of your choosing...topped with french fries! Gastronomic genius! (Witness my faithful recreation upon my return to Syracuse...yummm)

5. Syracuse Irish Festival
Underwhelmingly Irish...I'll be sure to let you know how Syracuse's Oktoberfest this weekend fares in comparison.

Stay tuned for photo essays of my trip to the Great New York State Fair and Fun 2006!

It's good to be back...


abby j said...

1. I, too, have been tempted to try some leggings on. And my ass is HUGE, so I am obviously out of my mind. But the point is, I would definitely be wearing some skirtage of some sort OVER said leggings and would NEVER expose the greater universe to my ass + spandex together and alone. Anyway, don't worry--soon it will be too cold for that anyway.

4) Pittsburgh salad, eh? There is a sandwich place near me with a similar M.O: Sandwich of your choice. French fries inclulded, between the bread as well. Pretty delicious, particularly when you order Salami. (See above re: ass.)

Raquel said...

Yes, they ALL wear leggings! And 99% of them look TERRIBLE in them! Don't they look at themselves in the mirror before going out?

People on this campus dress horribly. It pains me to see all the undergrads walking around here. I just want to give them all makeovers!