Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just call me Shakespeare...

As you can see from the lovely graphic at left, Waffle House is holding an "I Love Waffle House" essay contest. Since that's practically my middle name (Kathleen i-loVe-waffle-house Poe), I obviously had to submit something. How could I possibly sit out a contest that has Waffle House paraphernalia for prizes? I mean, it's not like I have a collection of that stuff already...shyeah.

Anyway, this is not your average essay contest - oh no! The Waffle House people are a busy lot - they have to be at their restaurants 24/7, after all - so they slapped a 100-word limit on the submissions. Well, 100 words does not an essay make (unless you're 5 - which many entrants in the WH Kid division likely will be), so I decided poetry would be a better medium by which to concisely convey my love of this fine culinary institution.

Having just submitted my entry via the internet, I now would like to share it with all of you. Without any further ado, here is my PR-friendly, 97-word tribute to Waffle House.

Waffles are my favorite food,
day or night, in any mood.
Than Waffle House's, none's more tasty -
eat it slow or eat it hasty.
With yellow sign always agleam,
in Waffledom, you reign supreme.

At each location, all enjoy
the friendly people you employ.
They'll mix a real vanilla Coke,
share a smile or tell a joke,
serve up hashbrowns on the side
with Southern love that's bona fide.

My home for every holiday,
the food, the folks, the "Waffle House Way"
make me forget each gripe and grouse;
That's why I love the Waffle House!

So, there you have it. The contest ends at midnight on Sept. 30, so there's still time for any of you WaHo lovers out there to submit an essay. But good luck beating this one! Nya ha ha :)

[Winners will be chosen next month some time...stay posted for the results!]


Dante A. Ciampaglia said...

Mmm... waffles.... Good work!

Carl Yost said...

Rhyming "side" with "bona fide" was a nice touch. ;-)

Kelly said...

Nice poem, my friend!

abby j said...

as i've said, "eat it slow or eat it hasty" is my favorite part.

also, when they tell you you've won, PLEASE remember to ask how many entrants there were.

also also, you realize this reveals how often you check the waffle house website, right?

also also also, i always thought the V stood for VERACITY, which I like to define for GRE purposes as

Kathleen said...

how does this reveal how often I check the WaHo site?

abby j said...

i think it qualifies as... once in a blue moon. which is more than most :)

Jason said...

ahahah suka.. i won 3rd prize. and my essay was good too