Thursday, September 07, 2006

Friday night at the movies?

The Met announced today that they will broadcast some of this season's operas in movie theaters across the country - some live, some recorded. They haven't announced the markets yet, but allegedly at least the recorded operas will be shown in smaller markets with limited access to live opera of their very own...

For $18 a pop, I'd definitely check one out (assuming whatever market I'm in is deemed worthy) - but I'm not sure how the performance will translate on the big screen, both aurally and visually (see previous post on DVD operas). It's a big gamble for the Met, and an attempt to bring the genre to a film-oriented and tech-savvy generation while also granting greater access to the older opera-lovers who have tuned into the radio broadcasts as long as they've been around.

I admit, my initial reaction is one of excitement - but I'm not sure if simulcast/pre-recorded opera will be able to sustain whatever audience it initially attracts, young or old. We shall see!

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