Sunday, August 06, 2006

(since brevity is the soul of wit)

Yeah, I'm gonna be working on that. Bear with me in the meantime.

In other news, apparently I have lost my ability to sleep past, oh, 7:30 a.m. :(

I'm about to get crackin' on these very important assignments, but before I do I wanted to share two pictures from our field trips this week.

The first is from the office of the Syracuse New Times - I think this is the publisher's office. Brilliant! If you don't have a window, why not make your own and put Neuschwanstein in it?

Next is from the Syracuse Post-Standard. This room is where the old printing press was, now it's basically storage I guess. These are big rolls of newspapers waiting to be sent off for the weekend (not sure which day's) - kinda looks like those hay bales you see driving through the country. Anyway, I thought these were totally excellent...

More later!

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abby j said...

Have I told you about my office window? It's a poster from 1949 in what I think might be... Swedish? It is a window with a bee and a flowerpot and lace curtains and it says "kop forsta maj blommen," which I believe translates to something like "buy may blossoms," which makes sense because all of the posters in our office are vintage fundraising things. Most of them are about tuberculosis or the YMCA.

Anyway, I'll take a picture. It's cute.