Saturday, August 19, 2006

Home, sweet home

Greetings, faithful readers! (All three of you.) Sorry to have been away so long - I'm on break back home in Atlanta, where I've been catching up with friends and enjoying driving my little crappy stick-shift car around town.

So, just a quick post to let you in on exciting developments in HOTlanta. The front page of today's AJC was devoted to the proliferation of new arts venues in and around the Atlanta suburbs and the implications of such for cultural life and arts organizations here in town. The Wall Street Journal ran an article a few weeks ago discussing the Atlanta Opera's move up I-75 to the "suburbs" next season, to the Cobb Energy Centre - a venue that will surely be better suited to the Atlanta Opera's needs than the cavernous Civic Center in midtown - and what effect that will have on ticket sales, revenues, etc.

It's heartening to see this getting so much press (which is not to say that Atlanta is full of brutish cultural midgets) - now if we could only get the government to kick in $100 mil for the new Symphony Hall!


Kara said...

Hey! I just read a New Yorker story I wanted to tell you about, and it sort of fits the theme of this post: It's a piece on conducting that features the ASO's Robert Spano. It's not online, but you can check this out or pick up the Aug. 21 issue.

Carl Yost said...

Cultural institutions in Cobb County? No way! (I bet my family still won't go to the opera, though... :-P )

abby j said...

why does the government have to pick up the slack when the city raised, what $35 million in private funds in what, three days, to keep those MLK papers in town? the issue is hotlanta's total lack of a relationship to classical arts and the larger community's lack of interest in growing culturally.